Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Betting jinx stuck it to Steelers/Bengals bettors who took the "OVER" Sunday Night

You really have to feel bad for anyone that had the OVER Sunday night. The field in Pittsburg was in much better shape then most people thought and the people who took the contrarian bet of Over 40 should have been rewarded.

With less then 3 minutes to go in the game the Bengals drove down the field to the Steelers 3 yard line for 4 shots at the endzone. On 2nd dowm a beautiful fade pass to the corner of the endzone by Carson Palmer looked to be the sure shot the OVER bettors needed. The refs ruled the pass incomplete due to the receiver not getting 2 feet in bounds. Countless replays by NBC showed a different story, but for some reason the Bengals coaching staff did not challenge the call. 3rd down brought about a clear touchdown drop in the endzone. Bringing all "OVER" bettors to pray for a 4th down miracle score. An incomplete pass ended all hopes and dreams and the cash the bettors began to spend in their heads was now gone for good due to the betting jinx that is alive and well in the NFL.

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