Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Carson Curses Coaches About Bengals’ Bungling

The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER hears the complaints from the crabby QB during a Monday meeting with the media.

Palmer told the press how his team needs to put their dismal 2007 season behind them, and come back next year with more discipline and focus. But when asked if the current coaches could do it, Carson repiled, “I don’t think so.”

Palmer further suggested that some staff should be shuffled off. Will it actually happen? Carson responded, “I don’t make those decisions. I play quarterback.”

The ex-USC slinger had even more venting to do: “I think the amount of sleep I lost this year. I think I’ve aged. I’m 28 going on 34. I think I lost a couple years….Times I felt sick to my stomach and I didn’t have the flu.”
Anyway, the frustration seems to be a new miserable experience for Palmer: “This is my most disappointing year of any sports, junior Pop Warner to T-ball to now.”

Maybe the Heisman winner can convince the NFL to let the Bengals schedule some lightweights like his former Trojans face, such as Stanford.

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