Saturday, July 5, 2008

Documentary Dispels Eagles Fans Negative Reputation

Last year a Chicago Bears fan decided to film his experience at a Bears Eagles game in Philadelphia. The basic idea of the video, is to really see if he would get killed by Eagles fans wearing a Brian Urlacher jersey at the Linc.

The home made film starts off bashing Eagles fans, and basically listing off every unfair negative stereo type of an Eagle fan you ever heard. Most of this nonsense comes from some douche bag radio jockey named Evan Roberts. He characterizes Eagles fans as ‘crazy, psycho, violent, drunks’. What else would expect from a New York Muts fan?

Despite the warning given by Evan(asshole) and others, the film maker Sami decides to go on with the trip. He first makes a stop to Baltimore to pick up his good friend who is an Eagles fan, and they then make their way to Philadelphia.

Once they arrived at the Linc, they took part in some good tailgating, and Sami got his fair share of the “asshole chant”. For those who don’t know any fans wearing an opposing fans jersey get greeted with the chant of “assss-hole… assss-hole”. This is done all in fun, and is more playful than threatening. Sami describes it as ‘70 thousand middle fingers’.

Outside of the asshole chant, nothing bad happened to Sami. The “mean Philadelphia thugs” drank beer with Sami, shook his hand, talked football, and joked with him. Sami was not beaten up, he did not have his life threatened, and he did not leave with any scars, bumps, or bruises. He left Philadelphia with a great experience, and a true respect for Eagles fans.

Let’s hope this can show people assholes like Evan Roberts that Philadelphia fans are not crazy, violent drunks.

It’s time to put an end to this lousy myth. Here is Sami’s journey to Philadelphia for the 2007 Eagles Bears game.

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