Monday, September 29, 2008

Betting Jinx #2 of the 2008 football season!

Michigan State @ Indiana this past Saturday. Michigan State came in as a 8.5 point favorite. Indiana has been awful in 2008, coming off a blowout loss to that MAC "Super Power" Ball State.

Alot of sharp bettors thought Indiana +8.5 points at home had a soild shot at the cover as MSU is a great team to bet against after playing Notre Dame.

The Jinx:
It was a wild, wacky game for the Old Brass Spittoon. There were two safeties, three replay reviews, a blocked punt, and Hoyer and Hoosiers quarterback Kellen Lewis each threw career-long touchdown passes.

But the strangest, and most important play, came late in the third quarter when Indiana’s backup quarterback, Ben Chappell, connected with Terrance Turner for a 97-yard touchdown pass that appeared to give Indiana the lead. Instead, right guard Cody Faulkner was called for holding in the end zone, giving Michigan State a safety and a 36-29 lead. (from Yahoo Sports)

Of course there was another quarter to play, but this game was Indiana's to win outright for sure! Covering the 8.5 points should have been an after thought.

Hoosier backers, we feel your pain!

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