Sunday, October 3, 2010

NFL Betting: Who's Hot and Who's Not Heading Into Week 4

NFL betting fanatics are always trying to find the best and worst teams in the game for both spreads and 'totals' to back on a regular basis. Here at BetVega, we have all the ins and outs of what NFL trends you should be looking at through Week 3.

ATS Annihilators

There are only two teams on the year that are still undefeated ATS, and the Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers both deserve that recognition. The Chiefs have won three games outright as underdogs, while the Steelers have two outright wins as pups and have an annihilation to their credit as well of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last weekend.

The third undefeated team might only be 2-1 ATS on the year, but we have to look at the Chicago Bears, especially since they were able to upset the Green Bay Packers on MNF this week.

Bankroll Busters

The only team that has yet to cover an NFL spread this year is the Carolina Panthers. This team has been an absolute joke and only has 14 points to show for its L/2 NFL betting battles overall.
The two 1-2 ATS teams that we are absolutely staying away from are the San Francisco 49ers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Niners are the biggest underachievers of the season at 1-2 ATS and 0-3 SU, while the Jags have only scored 40 points, the fewest in the NFC and third fewest in the league. Any guesses who the other two teams are? That's right. Carolina (32) and San Fran (38).

The 'Over'lords

The only 3-0 'over' team in the NFL this year left standing is the New England Patriots. Not only do the Pats have the only team in the league that is averaging 30.0+ points per game, but they have also allowed 82 points as well, the third most in the conference.

Both the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers are 2-0-1 towards the 'over', which earns them both spots on this list as 'Over'lords. For the Seahawks, the damage has been done offensively and on special teams, while San Fran has just been miserable defensively, allowing the most points in the league through three games with 87.

Bridge 'Under' Troubled Waters

The Green Bay Packers have only allowed 47 points in three games this year and are clearly the top 'under' team in the land at 3-0. However, the Minnesota Vikings are the lowest scoring team in terms of total point production in the NFL at just 43 points for and 38 against. It isn't shocking that they are the other 3-0 'under' team in NFL betting action.

The third 'under' squad to watch out for is the St. Louis Rams. With a rookie quarterback starting and an improving defense, the Rams are doing their job. They might only be 1-2 right now, but St. Louis is on the way up, and the only way that will continue is with more 'under' battles.


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