Monday, October 6, 2008

Betting Jinx #4 of the 2008 Football Season!

Get the tissues ready for anyone that bet Purdue this past weekend against mighty Penn State.

Most people had Purdue at +13 or +13.5. Some lucky bastards who bet the very last minute may have grabbed +14.

The jinx details:

Purdue kicker Chris Summers missed a 45-yard field-goal attempt wide right on the first play of the second quarter to leave the game scoreless.

Penn State responded with the game’s first scoring drive. Penn State running back Dan Lawlor was stopped on a third-and-goal from the 1, and Purdue appeared to have Penn State stopped on fourth down, Officials ruled that the fourth down play didn’t count because the previous play was being reviewed. The original call that Lawlor was short of the goal line stood, but Purdue fans were upset that the team’s key stop was taken away. On the fourth down play that counted, Clark scored on a quarterback sneak, and Penn State took a 7-0 lead.

Summers was wide left on a 36-yard field goal with 3:41 left in the second quarter. Penn State kept the ball for the rest of the half, and finished the second quarter with a 25-yard field goal by Kevin Kelly that increased the Nittany Lions’ lead to 10-0 at halftime. (Yahoo Sports)

Ok, Purdue bettors were still hanging in there. 2 missed FG's, one a relative chip shot, had to make them nervous though.

Penn State takes a 17-0 lead and the game looked lost. PSU drives down the field again looking to put the daggers in the heart of all Purdue bettors in the middle of the 4th quarter..... BUT WAIT....Purdue's defense steps up and holds PSU to a FG....score is now 20-0. All Purdue backers need is a back door TD and they will cover the number.

Enter back up QB Joey Elliot for Purdue. Ellioit leads Purdue down the field with exact precision and OH MY GOD they score a touchdown!!!! Holy Shit, Purdue is going to cover the spread and.....wait did that F%&#king kicker just miss the extra point?

Yes, now known as the worst kicker in the history of college football, Chris Summers, missed the extra point! Final score: 20-6

See ya next week! Sorry Purdue backers.