Monday, October 27, 2008

Betting Jinx #5 of the 2008 Football Season!

Ok guys, I am back with another installment of terrible luck found on the college gridiron this past Saturday for certain football betting degenrates like myself.

As you all know, I am big believer in going against the "Public" when it comes to making money in the betting game. I know this not an original thought, but it has worked for me over the years. This past Saturday I saw mega public move on Oklahoma minus 18 points @ Kansas State. We are talking about 94% of the money on Oklahoma. These games do not lose my friends....I bet $10k on Kansas State.

Oklahoma jumps out big 28-7....not looking good. Before I know it is 28-28 and I am feeling confident. Did I mention that it was 28-28 about 2 minutes in the 2nd quarter...what? KSU then turns the ball over 3 times in a row and Oklahoma puts up a mind-boggling 55 points at halftime!!!

So I figure I am screwed and start to think about all the things I could have done with that $ something nice for the wife, put it away for my soon to be born kids college fund, blow it on some know, the fun stuff!

The 3rd quarter is very low scoring, providing only a TD for KSU and I start to think that a "back door" cover may be in the works as we head into the 4Q at 55-35. All I need is FG and I have salvaged my $10k and I can feel like a new man.

Oklahoma drives deep into KSU territory to start the 4Q and kicks a FG. Ok, no problem, 58-35 is the score and I just need TD to get the cover. KSU takes the possession on their own 29 yard for what I know will be the TD saving drive for $10k bet on the defenseless KSU Wildcats.

Here is the drive play by play:

1st-10, KSSt29 12:39 L. Dold rushed up the middle for 4 yard gain
2nd-6, KSSt33 12:09 D. Bell rushed to the left for no gain
3rd-6, KSSt33 11:29 J. Freeman passed to D. Murphy down the middle for 10 yard gain
1st-10, KSSt43 10:59 J. Freeman passed to E. Pierce down the middle for 15 yard gain
1st-10, Okla42 10:39 D. Bell rushed up the middle for 1 yard loss
2nd-11, Okla43 10:09 J. Freeman passed to B. Banks to the right for 34 yard gain

Can you believe it????? KSU is down to the Oklahoma 9 yard line. Oklahoma's defense doesn't care, let them score, the game is over right?

1st-9, Okla9 9:39 D. Bell rushed up the middle for 1 yard gain
2nd-8, Okla8 9:09 J. Freeman rushed to the left for 7 yard gain
3rd-1, Okla1 8:55 J. Freeman rushed up the middle for no gain
4th-1, Okla1 7:57 J. Freeman incomplete pass to the right

Are you kidding KSU....2 shots from inside the 1 yard line and you could not get it done!!!

One day I will apologize to my unborn son/daughter that Daddy almost blew their college fund on football bet. What do I mean by almost? I lost the bet right....well unborn son/daughter, Daddy bet the house on Iowa the following week against undeafeated Penn State and made the family a ton of money!

That's right guys, you read it here first. Iowa will upset or atleast cover against Penn State next week. Back to back to road games for the Nittany Lions in BIG 10 play and coming off a monster primetime win. Sounds the public is lined up for another let down. Or maybe it is me who is being set up.....Check back next week to see if Iowa provides another "Betting Jinx" opportunity for us.